What Is Pacesetters?

– Our focus is Business Development. What are we doing as a group to collectively improve our businesses and gain a return?

– Beyond that, it’s making sure group members know each other’s respective businesses so that they can be true referral partners.

– We have a mentality of, “What can we do for the others in the room?” Learn the businesses of your colleagues and look for ways to help.

– There is an expectation of members that if you need the services another Partner provides; you’ll give them a legitimate chance to win your business.

– This group is not just about direct business; it’s about who else do we know, and how we can connect them with our Pacesetters colleagues?



An Annapolis area business development group

Pacesetters is a business development group with chapters in Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington D.C. that is committed to connecting local businesses and organizations to collectively grow their businesses. It’s our goal to create a collaborative networking community where members can learn and benefit from each other.

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